Fantastic Friday - A Robin, Two Rainbows and Three Quotes

The past couple of weeks, the weather has been all over the place – one day, it feels like summer, then autumn then spring, swiftly followed by autumnal gales. One of the ‘almost summer’ days last week, while waiting for Liam at the stables, I noticed this cute little guy…

We love to see a child lost in the dance and performing for an audience. To be happy and know that you are happy is really the overflowing cup of life. To dance as if there was no audience.

Tuesday this week, although still cold, was sunny. By the time I got to the stables, there were great dark clouds overhead but also some sunny spots. It started to rain and, as if by magic, a rainbow started to form; even more magical, it was a double rainbow.

A double rainbow

Faith is, above all, openness – an act of trust in the unknown.

This very moment, this very world, this very body is the point. Now… But, if you’re seeking something beyond all the time, you never get with it. You’re never here.

Crocus in bloom

(All the quotes are by Alan Watts)

Fantastic Friday - Autumn Stable Run

I’m convinced the colours this autumn have been extra spectacular. It certainly adds more beauty to the drive to and from the stables… Some of the pictures were taken by Liam as I drove.

There are so many more pictures I’d love to take; unfortunately, they’re on parts of the route where there is absolutely nowhere to pull over, let alone come to a complete stop. 

This stupendous specimen, however, did require that bit of effort to pull over and get out of the car...

Fantastic Friday - Mid-Spring Stable Run

I know I’ve already posted pictures of the area around where Liam works, at the stables.  Although I’ve driven this route so many times, for me, it’s as magical as ever.  It never fails to amaze me that there’s still so much more to share.

First, views of the drive to the road that leads to the stables – this is where I have the window down and breathe deep … On one side are houses and on the other, fields.

Looking down the road that I drive up ...

... and away towards the road to the stables

The next lot of pictures are of the ‘top field’, so-called because it’s at the top of the road where the stables are.  The ponies are moved between this and another field every week, and Liam helps with moving them mid-week.  It was only in June last year when Liam suggested I go with him to the field, did I realise how huge the fields are.

Liam checking out a blemish on Twilight

This cutie is called Hiccup :)

Not so pretty by the gate - churned up thanks to the wet weather

There's a gate at the end of this path, as can be seen in the next picture ...

... wanted to have a closer look but I don't know if this is private property

The field dips down halfway along - that's the top of a horse that has it's head down, eating

Zoomed in on the horse that's second from the left in the picture above this one

Looking back down the path to the road

The grass looks so juicy and lush

Guess which one is honestly, truly called 'Spot'!

I love this part of the drive, but there’s never been anywhere convenient to pull over.  This week, I noticed a small area that was clear enough to stop without causing an obstruction.  And only yesterday did I notice the beautiful carpet of bluebells.  The area is fenced off with barbed wire – not sure if it’s to stop riders or people in general, don’t know if it’s private property as there’s no sign.  It would be lovely to walk through, I’m sure.

This is on the left of the picture above

This tree-lined road is close to home; I love that it’s so broad, and that tree is my favourite.  If I had something like this in the garden, I’d make an effort to haul my ample behind up to sit in it :)