Poole Park in December

One week into January already!

Apologies for lack of posts.  I want to change things around a bit on the blog, but best laid plans and all that …

Anyway, while the planning continues, I shall share pictures I took at Poole Park last month, on Dec 28 – been there enough times, usually on the spur of the moment, but this time I made sure I had the camera with me!  Liam and a few of his friends from drama class had planned an afternoon ice-skating – something he’s never done, so new experience for him; despite the inevitable falls, he had a good time, and it hasn’t put him off.  As it was straight after work for him, I dropped him off and took a stroll around the park. 

The park was built in Victorian times, and is open all year around.  It’s very popular – there’s a miniature railway that runs around the man-made lake; a couple of play areas for children; tennis courts; miniature golf; bowling green; cricket; and water sports.  It’s also a popular bird-watching site; the ones seen all the time are gulls, ducks, swans and Canada geese.

Being the holidays, the place was absolutely heaving, but I still managed to find a few quiet spaces... I was selective with the pictures I took, and they don't really give an idea of how big the park is.

Daffodils!! In December!