The Sunday Section: Travel - Christmas Lights in London

Not just Christmas lights but a few touristy pictures as well…

This statue, entitled ‘The Meeting Place’, is at St Pancras station; it has its fair share of admirers and haters. Personally, I like it, especially the frieze that encircles the base.

The roof of St Pancras station

Close by is the British Library... These ‘bookcases’ reach up to the ceiling and go all the way down to the lower level.

The day was nice enough to take a leisurely walk to Covent Garden. Not much further is Leicester Square and Chinatown, then Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Column and the National Gallery. Between Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square is the statue of Edith Cavell...

Can't remember the name of this pub but I liked the ceiling...

The good thing about dark descending early is you don’t have to wait too long to see the lights… Covent Garden; Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street, and the statue of Anteros, Greek god of requited love and avenger of unrequited love.

Poole Park in December

One week into January already!

Apologies for lack of posts.  I want to change things around a bit on the blog, but best laid plans and all that …

Anyway, while the planning continues, I shall share pictures I took at Poole Park last month, on Dec 28 – been there enough times, usually on the spur of the moment, but this time I made sure I had the camera with me!  Liam and a few of his friends from drama class had planned an afternoon ice-skating – something he’s never done, so new experience for him; despite the inevitable falls, he had a good time, and it hasn’t put him off.  As it was straight after work for him, I dropped him off and took a stroll around the park. 

The park was built in Victorian times, and is open all year around.  It’s very popular – there’s a miniature railway that runs around the man-made lake; a couple of play areas for children; tennis courts; miniature golf; bowling green; cricket; and water sports.  It’s also a popular bird-watching site; the ones seen all the time are gulls, ducks, swans and Canada geese.

Being the holidays, the place was absolutely heaving, but I still managed to find a few quiet spaces... I was selective with the pictures I took, and they don't really give an idea of how big the park is.

Daffodils!! In December! 

Favourites on Friday - Upton Park, Revisited

About a month ago, I went to Upton Park for the first time.  Since then the weather hasn’t been particularly nice.  But on Thursday, it was actually pretty lovely, so I decided to go again.  It was wet and very muddy underfoot … skidded a few times but stayed upright.  Got there about 09:00 after leaving Liam at the stables; there were a few people about, but for most of my meander, I didn’t see another soul – it was like I had the place to myself.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful the day was – blue sky, birdsong, sunshine, even some warmth … 

Took a couple of videos, to capture the birdsong, the birds on the lake, and to give a little idea of what the place is like …


Fairy abodes, kinda cute ...

I love the door

One of a number of robins I saw in the space of half an hour ... or maybe it was the same one, who knows

Favourites on Friday - Autumn Trees at Upton Park

All the years I’ve lived here, I’d never been to Upton Country Park until a week ago.  I know it’s gorgeous, I know it’s somewhere I’d enjoy walking … I suppose because it’s ‘on my doorstep’, I haven’t made the effort to go.  As if that’s not embarrassing enough, when I finally went, I find it’s barely a 10 minute drive from the stables!

Gorgeous tree in car park

The house itself is Georgian, built between 1816 and 1818, and is used as offices for the estate staff.  It isn’t open to the public all year around, only during certain weekends from March to September, but is available to hire, and is licensed for civil wedding ceremonies.

Stupendous front lawn!

The park is a mix of formal and informal gardens, woodland and farmland.  There’s a walled garden, which is open to the public; a lake filled with ducks; and the edge of it is right against the mudflats and marshes of Poole Harbour.  The Estate is one of the oldest sites in Poole, and there’s a Roman road between Hamworthy ( Moriconium), and Corfe Mullen (Alavna), where the stables are.

It was still early when I visited, before 09:00, having just left Liam at the stables.  It was gorgeously quiet, only a few dog walkers about, and I felt I had the place to myself.  By the time I left, around 10:30, it was getting busy and noisy.  Glad I went when I did.

I love this tree

Looking up at the house from the lake

Gate for the walled garden

Such summery colours for the end of October ...