David Bowie - Thank You, Starman

Another ‘great’ gone.  This was a shock, as it always is when you don’t know someone’s been ill.  But I respect that Mr Bowie and his family wanted to keep this private.  And why not?  David Bowie did not belong to us, his admiring public.  His music did, and that he gladly shared with us.  How much richer our lives have been, with his music punctuating, illuminating stages of our lives. 

‘Ashes to Ashes’ was the song that introduced me to Bowie, released in 1980, the year I first came to England.  I was lucky enough to see him in concert in 1987, during his ‘Glass Spider’ Tour; he was every inch the showman.  Despite the criticisms and negative reviews, I enjoyed his performance.  I loved his music, yes, but, from what I’ve seen, I’m nowhere near a die-hard fan.  I will miss his flamboyant yet elusive presence now that he’s returned to the stars.  But he’s left us his music.  And knowing that makes me smile.

A clever person on Youtube, Camilla Brando, isolated the voices of Bowie, and another great performer, Freddie Mercury, on their track, ‘Under Pressure’.  Yet another clever person, Charlotte Moore, did a stereo mix to balance the sound … Have a listen, it's magic.