Fantastic Friday - A Robin, Two Rainbows and Three Quotes

The past couple of weeks, the weather has been all over the place – one day, it feels like summer, then autumn then spring, swiftly followed by autumnal gales. One of the ‘almost summer’ days last week, while waiting for Liam at the stables, I noticed this cute little guy…

We love to see a child lost in the dance and performing for an audience. To be happy and know that you are happy is really the overflowing cup of life. To dance as if there was no audience.

Tuesday this week, although still cold, was sunny. By the time I got to the stables, there were great dark clouds overhead but also some sunny spots. It started to rain and, as if by magic, a rainbow started to form; even more magical, it was a double rainbow.

A double rainbow

Faith is, above all, openness – an act of trust in the unknown.

This very moment, this very world, this very body is the point. Now… But, if you’re seeking something beyond all the time, you never get with it. You’re never here.

Crocus in bloom

(All the quotes are by Alan Watts)