'Arthur' Altered Book

For as long as I can remember, I've loved the legend of 'Arthur'. There are so many stories connected to Arthur, Merlin and to Camelot. This book is part of the Time-Life 'Enchanted Worlds' series, titled 'The Fall of Camelot'. When I discovered I had a duplicate copy, I knew what I wanted to do with it. This altered book has been in the planning stages for what seems like ages... ideas kept coming and going; I had all the images and knew roughly what papers I wanted to use, but couldn't decide how much info I wanted to include. In the end, decided to just go for it & it basically sorted itself out... as most of my art-stuff does. Had fun with it; turned out to be more involved than I thought it would be so this is just a selection of what's in the book...

Animal art

Made these a while ago, just haven't gotten around to putting them on here...

Can't remember what I'd made but I'd saved the cut-out pages from a child's board book. As I had yet to make anything featuring horses, decided to put together a quick book...

'Wolf' was inspired by Melissa McCobb Hubbell's 'The Rose' in which the main focus was a mysterious, dark-eyed woman. It took me a long while to work out what I wanted to use as I thought using a woman would be too much like the original... I used an old child's fairy tale book, painted the covers & covered the pages with the separated layers of paper napkins.


In the past year, I've made a few gifts for family and friends, mainly for birthdays.

This is another altered book I made for my sister for her birthday last year, filled with quotes & art images. Only remembered to take pix the night before I was going up to London to meet her, reason why pix have come out an odd colour.

I officially started to hate the recession last Oct when we couldn't afford to make it back for my nephew's wedding -- it was in Bali!! :o( Anyway, I made them a fairly elaborate 'card', having taken my inspiration from Rosemary Merry, who's the scrapbooking queen here on qvc.

The reverse of the cards have quotes on love & marriage.

This was originally a child's board book, altered for a friend's birthday present.

This was really easy, for a friend who adores Marilyn Monroe; covered the back of a photo frame with fabric, stuck on some flowers, what more does it need with that gorgeous image?

Altered book

This was originally a book on dreams & strangely I didn't re-title it, which I normally do with my altered books... I decided to try something a little different by highlighting parts of the text to tie in with the images I'd chosen... or did I choose the images to go with the text? Can't remember now. I wonder what it's like to have brain that actually works?