Fantastic Friday: Craft - 18th Century Fashion

Apart from Christmas cards, I haven’t done any craft for… I don’t know how long. Lately, I find myself wanting to get back into it. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Going through my craft stuff for inspiration didn’t get me far. It’s been so long, I’m embarrassed to say, I had trouble remembering what I had.

In the end, I thought the best thing to do was to start ‘small’ and decided to make a little book out of 3 cards. I chose the theme of ‘18th century fashion’. I’d collected images to do with fashion from that era as inspiration for one of my writing works-in-progress. Because it was to do with fashion, I used, not only paper but also fabric, ribbons and fabric flowers.

I found it strangely difficult to get started. It took me ages just to do the cover. But once I got past the first layout, it got easier. I just kept reminding myself to have fun with it… and I did.

The covers, front and back... The red 'jewel' is from a bracelet I'd taken apart.

In the layout below, I used pearls for the centre of the flowers...

I wanted to include men's clothing, especially the image on the right, which was the wedding suit of King Christian VII of Denmark.

The lady in the following double layout is Madame de Pompadour... The piece with the horn on the left is fabric. I placed part of a chain over the ribbon on the right.