Fantastic Friday - Creating Your Own Reality

While browsing through ‘TED Talks’ on Youtube, I stumbled across this wonderful talk by Isaac Lidsky. I had never heard of the man, didn’t know what he was about but the title of his talk caught my attention – ‘What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself?’ Can I just say it opened my eyes and really resonated with me!

Mr Lidsky talks about the things that shape our reality, like our sight:

To create the experience of sight, your brain references your conceptual understanding of the world, other knowledge, your memories, opinions, emotions, mental attention. All of these things and far more are linked in your brain to your sight. These linkages work both ways, and usually occur subconsciously. So, for example, what you see impacts how you feel, and the way you feel can literally change what you see…

Another way is through fear:

Your fears distort your reality. Under the warped logic of fear, anything is better than the uncertain. Fear fills the void at all costs, passing off what you dread for what you know, offering up the worst in place of the ambiguous, substituting assumption for reason…

He goes on to talk about living life “eyes wide open”, and the way he explains it shifted my perception enough to view my own reality in a whole new light.

I hope you find his talk as illuminating and as inspirational as I did.