Fantastic Friday - New Life at 53 and 'It's Gonna Be Okay'

Happy Birthday to me!!


Lovely Victoria Sponge baked for me for my birthday by my lovely Hatty! 

Back in June, when I knew the date he’d be finally moving out, I said it would be a good birthday present. Now that it’s a reality, that I am finally, without a doubt, my own person, it’s exciting. But it’s also scary. Facing so many new things, it’s scary. There are days I am filled with doubt, days when tears come suddenly over a seemingly small thing, or for seemingly no reason at all.

When I start to feel overwhelmed or dragged down it all, I have the perfect song to set me right – the latest from ‘The Piano Guys’, the aptly titled, ‘It’s Gonna Be Okay’. I defy anyone to listen to this and not feel like, at least for a little while, everything is okay.