The Sunday Section: Chinese New Year

End of January and another new year! We enter the Year of the Rooster; the Fire Rooster to be exact.

In Chinese astrology, the Fire Rooster is known as the ‘Dawn Awakener’… which, to be honest, roosters are. 2017 is also a ‘yin’ year, which is the energy of the divine feminine; it’s all about trusting and following your instincts. This combination points to 2017 being a year of awakenings and forward momentum. After last year’s uncertainty and drama, thanks to the cheeky Fire Monkey, this year holds a better chance of achieving your vision.

Apart from being practical and methodical, fire roosters are also confident, honest, hardworking and punctual, always eager to learn new things. So, with that sort of energy to work with, 2017 also looks to be a good year to start new projects. Sounds exciting!

Some famous fire roosters...

Dawn French.jpg

Dawn French

Hans Zimmer

Jools Holland

Stephen Fry.jpg

Stephen Fry.

A New Year Awaits...

I had planned on doing a spot of writing about the coming year, but I’m still not firing on all cylinders after being poorly over Christmas. Not quite the way I’d hoped to spend our ‘first’ Christmas together of our ‘new’ life but hey ho, such is life.


Instead I shall fall back on some ‘feel-good’ music. This was inspired by a classical piece – the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. The genius who has arranged it in a rumba style is Joachim Horsley. He not only arranges music, he also composes and orchestrates it. He’s named this ‘Beethoven in Havana’. I’d happily dance in the New Year to this…

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year filled with peace, love, happiness and good health!

May we have the courage to face whatever 2017 has in store for us.