Well, here we are, at the new place! Please excuse the fact that it’s not completely finished.

The reason I decided to do the domain remapping over the weekend is because it’s supposed to take anything between 24-72 hours for the system to recognise the new site. Imagine my horrified surprise to find out that it was done and dusted in a matter of hours. And I was still chuntering through the housekeeping; I thought I’d have the entire weekend to complete it.

Anyway, I hope to be done with all that, hopefully, by today. There are still a few other bits and pieces that I need to sort out, which I plan to get done over the next couple of weeks. Yes, I know I could have had it all perfect and shiny and ready but, to be honest, having spent more or less a whole month on this already, I admit to being impatient.

I shall also get back to regular blogging; though probably not next week as ‘sir’ is finally moving out!

I’d love to know what you think of the site; please do let me know.