'The Circus is Leaving Town...'

Hello again.  A quick post to say that, finally, we have reached a settlement and the divorce is on its way to being done and dusted!

It turned out to be a longer day than expected, a harder thing to do than I expected … and I was definitely not expecting to be ‘attacked’ and painted as a ‘lazy, money-grabbing b***h’!  But I had a fabulous team of ladies working on my behalf – my barrister was most feisty and so much fun.

We’ve both come out of it pretty ok, and that’s the main thing.  Though he’ll still be in the house until October while finding somewhere to buy.  It feels kind of surreal as things are continuing the same as before; he isn’t being any different.  Which is good but weird.

There are things I’ve got to get used to, like being a property owner – gasp!  And other, more personal, things.  So I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the rest of the month.  I intend to be back ‘on air’ the week beginning 4th July.

Until then, do take care, my blogger friends, and enjoy the start of summer.