Fantastic Friday - An Act of Kindness. And ... Progress!

I love Florence and the Machine.  

('Vogue' - Annie Liebovitz)

I love her look, her voice, the music.  

(Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

Do I need another reason?  No, but I found one – she’s a generous soul as well.  After the band’s concert in Austin, Texas, they went to the bedside of a young teen who had missed the concert; she'd had to remain in hospice because of her cancer.  No entourage, no official cameras, none of the usual trappings of ‘celebrity’ – just the music.  And a very happy young girl.  I happily admit to shedding a few tears.

And finally ...

I won’t be posting for a week, maybe two.  Progress, it appears, is being made and it looks as if the second hearing is going ahead on Monday!  Fingers crossed, we’ll agree on a settlement, and, at last, be able to draw a line under this whol divorce thing.  Apologies for being vague as to how long I’ll be ‘away’.  But I will post an update.  Take care.