New Year ...

Since I started my blog, I can honestly say 2014 has been the most eventful year for me … so far.  I’ve done things I never believed I would be brave enough to do, experienced such happiness, and sadness also … The past couple of days, I’ve been feeling quite emotional, which makes me wish I had more of a handle on my emotions.  But I am determined to greet the New Year with optimism because, trite as it sounds, the new year also heralds a new chapter in my life …

Standing on the threshold

Of a fresh year that unfolds

Like a carpet that unrolls

And disappears

Into waiting months can’t yet be seen

Buttressed by pillars of ‘routine’.

Still the months, they wait to be ignited

With the light of possibility

Let the spark be awakened

Turn it into reality.

Why the hesitation?

The only limit – your imagination.

'Imagination' ~ NC Wyeth

Wishing my loved ones, my friends and everyone out there a most magical, healthful, peaceful 2015.