Favourites on Friday - Favourite Moments of the Week

Enjoyed two ‘favourite moments’ this week.  The first was on Monday; relished some time to myself in town, in the Upper Gardens.  Sun was shining and it was deliciously warm.  Sat on the grass, people-watched, took some pictures …

Town hall

More of the town hall, to the left of the 'above' building

Cenotaph - there's another lion on the left but with a wall behind me, I couldn't stand further back to include them both.

The lion on the left

The other ‘favourite moment’ – more the entire day than just a moment – was on Wednesday, Gordon’s birthday; my Easter bunny is now 19!!  The day he was born, 19 years ago, was Easter Sunday :) I know I say this every year but where has the time gone?  I now have a young man, and what a lovely young man he is.  I’m his mum and I’m biased, I know, but I am so proud and blessed to have him for a son.

Never too old for Lego, it would seem :)