Gothic Arch Book

Been feeling pretty 'bleah' the past few days; my darling second child decided to share his cough-cold thing with me. Why? Apparently because I'm always on at him that 'sharing is good'!!! Smarty-pants... But what was a fleeting thing for him is hanging on to me -- must be me age!

Had a tedious, tiring journey to & from London on Sat, train journey was an hour longer because of engineering works so, including the underground, we spent about 7 hours travelling!!! To visit family... at least boys had fun with their cousins ;o)

Anyway, thought it's time to chuck on some more craft...

My inspiration for this came from Belinda Schneider (she's sooooooooo talented!!) on art-e-zine; the Gothic Art Project where she's included a free template.

I had fun with this, used a mix of paper & fabrics. Decided to use images from a CD I got off ebay. I've always been interested in all things Western, especially Native Americans. Someone once told me I'm the wrong sort of Indian -- should have been 'plains' not 'subcontinent' *L*

When I make another Arch book, I shall make the covers a touch smaller so the pages don't look so small. Hindsight is good...