Midweek Writer-Rummage: 'Moon Goddess'

Hello!! Hope you’ve been keeping well and enjoying summer.  Hope it’s warm and sunny for you wherever you are because it sure isn’t that warm and sunny in this southern corner of the UK!  Having said that, today's turned out nice.

I thought it was time I properly ‘introduced’ the story I’ve been working on for some years now.

I’ve approached agents with this story; I had one request for the full manuscript, which was exciting even though nothing came of it.

Having had enough of waiting for something to happen, I’ve decided to be pro-active and self-publish.

The core idea for ‘Moon Goddess’ came to me surprisingly quickly as I thought I’d put everything I had into ‘The Cursed Gift’, and it would be a struggle to come up with more ideas.  All I knew was I wanted to write a story about wolves.  Not far into my research, I discovered that, in ‘old’ religions, the wolf was one of the animals of moon goddesses.  So that element got woven in, and the third element popped into my head almost immediately after that – a baby.  Once I got started, the first draft practically wrote itself; so satisfying when that happens.

The story has been through its fair share of rewrites – I put it away for some months; came back to it periodically; contemplated shelving it when there wasn’t any interest.  But I love the story too much to not share it.  It’s a much ‘smaller’ story than ‘The Cursed Gift’ in that the decisions the main character, Lamorna, makes affect only her and her family, not the whole world.

At the moment, I’m proof-reading the story – yet again – in preparation for publication.  It’s exciting but can get tedious.  Hopefully, it’ll be ready soon.  For now, here’s the cover; I’d love to know what you think.

The back cover blurb:

Young Lamorna must face her fears to protect her infant brother from priests of the new religion.  Having no choice but to leave the safety of her home, she discovers, not only her courage, but also wolves, moon magic and an ancient goddess.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share some of the research I did that relates to this story and its world.