A Welcome Distraction

The weather yesterday was pretty good, compared to the previous days so we decided to go to the final day of the Bournemouth Air Show, just the boys and me.  After the 'big thing', which I'd faced on Friday, it was nice to be out in the sunshine and fresh air.

Best seats in the house??

First up were the Red Arrows, displaying the new design for the tail fin to celebrate their 50th ear.  There were 8 jets flying, instead of the usual 9, as Red 3’s wife had gone into labour Saturday morning :) 

New design tail fin

The mighty Lancaster

Sally-B (not very good picture, I know, but wanted to include it anyway)

Vulcan, crowd favourite

Sea Vixen

Flypast with Sea Vixen, Canberra PR9 jet, Hawker Hunter jet, called Miss Demeanour, privately owned

Managed to grab this quick shot - they flew directly over us, which took us all by surprise

The Canberra

Also took random pictures of scenery, and clouds ...