5 Things That Help Inspire My Writing

When I’m writing – either starting a new story or working on an existing one – it’s seldom I can just pick up my pencil and start writing. I usually need something to kickstart me into motion.

So, I thought I’d list 5 things that help get me started and inspire me to keep going.

Image by    Engin_Akyurt    (Pixabay)

Image by Engin_Akyurt (Pixabay)

The first thing is a hot drink, usually coffee. But it’s only ever the one cup. I limit myself to 2 cups of coffee a day; more than that and I start to feel ill. I used to be able to drink loads back in my college days until I pulled a couple of all-nighters and practically had an IV drip of coffee. I ended up being sick and had to stay off coffee for a while. I have drunk more than a couple of cups over the years before finally realising my limit and sticking to it. I usually have the second cup in the evening. Anyway, after that first cup of coffee, I alternate between hot water and tea. The main thing is, so long as I have a hot drink to hand, I’m fine.

Image by    Niek Verlaan    (Pixabay)

Image by Niek Verlaan (Pixabay)

Music goes a long way in keeping the creative juices pumped. But it has to be classical. And specific classical. Brahms’ ‘Violin Concerto in D Major’ and his ‘Piano Concerto No.2 in B-flat Major’ – I have no idea why, but these two pieces have never failed to produce pretty well written scenes. Beethoven does wonders for me too. And when it comes to action/fast-paced scenes, Rimsky-Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’ does the trick. Lately, I’ve found most pieces by ‘Two Steps from Hell’ work well too, usually when I’m editing.

My ‘   Magic-Inspiration   ’ Pinterest board

My ‘Magic-Inspiration’ Pinterest board

Images from my research help spark my writing when I feel a bit stuck. It could be to do with clothing or architecture or scenery. I save some in a picture folder on the computer and I also make Pinterest boards. But there is danger in perusing my Pinterest boards – getting sucked into Pinterest and ‘forgetting’ that I’m actually supposed to be writing!

‘Genius’ writing. Whenever I’ve come across, what I feel, is wonderful bits of writing, I copy them out in one of my writing notebooks. Reading them inspires me to keep going, to stretch my writing mindset, if that makes sense.

Snippets of ‘genius’ writing from one of my notebooks

Dancing. When I feel I’m struggling with the writing, when I’m feeling stale, or just plain old crabby, I realise it’s because I’ve been sat for too long. I used to just generally move around before deciding it’s more fun to put some upbeat music on and just dance. Literally dance like no one’s watching because I make sure no one is watching. Except the cats, and they just ignore me. Or retire to a safe space, like a chair.

Whether you’re a writer or not, do you have specific things that keep you going when you’re working on a project?