Fantastic Friday - Globepainting

I love graffiti, especially the unusual ones, the ones that take my breath away.

Julien Malland, who paints under the name, Seth Globepainter, has taken graffiti to another level, in my opinion, by painting characters.

'Tahiti Nui' - Seth Globepainter

'Tahiti Nui' - Seth Globepainter

In 2003, he started travelling the world, creating the most gorgeous street art. The characters he creates are mostly children in the environment of whichever area/country he paints them. His large-scale art is mainly found on the side of buildings – what a colourful way to inject new life into lacklustre surroundings.

Instead of adding his art here, I’ve decided to link to this post on Bored Panda, which has 31 of his paintings.