Our New Addition

I’ve been excited about introducing you to the latest addition to our family. But I can’t ignore the sad, sad news of the death of the tremendously talented Chester Bennington.

Chester Bennington

Linkin Park was my first taste of what is labelled alternative rock, different enough to the sort of rock I was used to. Once I got over being startled by the use of expletives (I’m not a prude, but that was a new experience for me), I was hooked.

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory album cover

In time, I introduced the boys to their music, and they were hooked as well. One of the things I like about the band, they all come across as really nice guys.

I cannot begin to imagine the torment Chester Bennington must have been suffering. I thought the same when I learned about Chris Cornell’s death back in May. Chester seemed happy and content; he seemed to have finally found some peace after his long struggles. Both men had young families. And yet…
RIP, Mr Bennington, I hope you find true peace, rocking up the afterlife with your good friend, Chris Cornell.


Our happy news...
I always said we’d never have any more cats. Well, never say never, as they say! This is Kito (it means ‘jewel’ in Swahili); she's about 11 weeks now and is Liam’s late birthday present.

Liam and his new kitty, Kito

She was born at the stables where he works, and he fell in love with her from the moment he saw her when she was just a day old. Every time I saw him with her, I knew he really wanted to have her even though he kept saying it probably wouldn’t work.

Kito, about 4 weeks old

Kito, about 4 weeks old

Our biggest worry was Gordon’s cat, Mlia. She just about tolerates the ‘baby’, Tamu, and that’s after 7 years! As the weeks passed, Gordon wondered if maybe having Kito might be ok. We discussed it with Liam and decided to go for it. One of Liam’s worries was that no one would take Kito (she’s 1 of 4 kitties) because she’s got a hernia.

That's Kito's mummy, aptly named Tiny because she is!

That's Kito's mummy, aptly named Tiny because she is!

Kito's siblings

Kito's siblings

Anyway, long story short, she’s now home with us. Considering she’d never been in a cat basket and never been in a car, she was so chilled on the ride home. So chilled, she fell asleep!

Kito sleeping in cat basket

Took her to the vet’s and she was chilled there too – she continued purring even while being injected with her vaccinations! The vet said she wished all her patients were that relaxed.

While we’re home, she has the run of the lounge. But when we go to bed, and when we’re out, she’s confined to a cage, which is roomy enough for the litter tray, her sleep area and food bowl. Once she’s a bit older, we’ll leave her out all the time. And she’ll be let out of doors once she’s been spayed; the hernia will be sorted out then too.

Kito at home

We’re planning on introducing her to the others at the weekend; fingers crossed, it’ll go ok.

She is a darling little kitten with a very loud purr, and I’m glad I took leave of my senses and said ‘yes’!