Midweek Tales: Original Poetry - Lord of the Rings II

Continuing on from last week...


Hair, black as night
Against luminous skin
Shining star-like
Undying as the star whose name she bears
Neither waxing nor waning
In the evening sky
As steadfast as the love she bears
Holding to the vow she made
Knowing, not caring, that one day
It will lead to the waning of her star.


Always travelling
Always welcome
Where did he come from?
When did he first come?
None know the answer
None care
Only glad that he walks among them
Defending without hesitation
Even against that which he has yet to be tested
To rise again
To walk among them as before
Once again defending without hesitation
Though victory seems nothing more than a dream.

Merry and Pippin:

Joined by invisible bonds
Not brothers, but close as…
No, closer than brothers could hope to be.
Even names seem joined
Cannot say one name
Without the other springing to mind
An alien concept, being parted
But when parting becomes necessary
Bewilderment gives way to fortitude
Adding strength to an already unbreakable bond.


Faithful loyal friend?
No, more than mere ‘friend’
No word comes to mind
That can describe your tenacity
Your steadfast love.
Every time I look around
There you are, doggedly following
Even when I snap in anger
When I succumb to its hypnotic spell
Even when I spurn you
You’re always there to drag me back to sanity.
And even here at the fiery end
Still, by my side, you remain.


I was told not to leave you
And I won’t
No matter what hardships we face
What nameless horrors lie before us
I won’t leave
Even when you turn on me
Turn me away, tell me to leave.
In despair, I stumble away…
Then realisation dawns
I hurry back to your side
And I know I won’t ever leave
I’ll help you see this through to the end
Through the fire and beyond
Only death will keep me from your side.
But, in the end, it is you who leaves
And I remain.