Short Break

Apologies for lack of post yesterday.  In the ongoing saga of the divorce – feel I should put that in capital letters, like the title to a horror film ;) – there’s stuff demanding my attention, and I don’t want to do my blog and those who take the time to visit a disservice by slapping any old thing on here.

There was a court date coming up, which was supposed to be the 2nd hearing for the Financial Dispute Resolution, but Neil has not been playing ball with dealing with requests for information, so the Pension Actuary report, which is key for the hearing, is still not ready.  Spoke to my solicitor yesterday, and she advised that, instead of adjourning yet again (done that already in Dec), we go ahead with the court date as a Directions hearing instead, basically to ‘beat’ the case back into shape, to stop it drifting.  And to have the legal backing, by way of court orders, to get Neil to stop messing about and produce the paperwork he’s been asked repeatedly to produce.

I was upset to begin with, but was determined to see it as a positive thing.  Instead of meandering along, this will focus the case and things will actually get done.  I did wonder why my solicitor didn’t suggest this in December instead of adjourning the hearing, but I think she was still being optimistic, thinking Neil would act.  I think I can safely say she isn’t labouring under that delusion anymore.  And, if Neil still fails to do as he’s told, the penalty will either be a heavy fine or prison.  If that doesn’t get him to get his a**e in gear, I don’t know what will.

Having got my head around that, today my solicitor phones me again having discussed the case with the barrister who will be representing me, and they’ve decided that, instead of going to court, we’ll send Neil an order, stating what he needs to produce, and setting down timelines and limits, backed by court-sanctioned penalties if he fails to act.  So now we wait to see what he decides – if he agrees, we don’t go to court; if he doesn’t then we go to court.  I won’t know till I hear from her, hopefully before the end of tomorrow, whether we’ll be going to court next week or not.

I admit I’m annoyed as I want my day in court; I want him to have the questions put to him in a court setting.  He gets very uncomfortable when faced with questions he does not want to answer.

That, plus dealing with the other narcissist in my life, equals me taking a short break, maybe a couple of weeks, I’m not sure.  

Till next time, take care, and be good to yourselves.