Favourites on Friday - Horses in Spain

This is footage from a couple of years ago when we’d had our horse holiday in Spain.  Back then, I hadn’t worked out how to get my videos onto the blog *blush*

I took this on our last day there.  First, the horses’ breakfasts are laid out, then they’re let out of their various paddocks, and they bring themselves in, ready to chow down … I decided not to delete the sound even though our voices are on it – Gordon, Liam and me – because I like the music that’s playing, and the sound of the horses running in.  The guys, Tony and Jeff, always had music on while working around the place.  This is Ray Charles with ‘Mess Around’ and ‘It Should Have Been Me’.

As you can hear Liam explaining – he’d get up early every morning to help Jeff ready the feeds – all the horses know where their eating space is, but they still try their luck.  The reason some eat straight off the ground and don’t have buckets is because when they did have buckets, they’d pick them up and toss the food everywhere!!  So, no buckets.

This will, most probably, be the last post for this year, I may do a Christmas one, maybe another book review, depends on how I feel …