Favourites on Friday - Random Memories

Sorting through photos and thought I’d share a few …

Can’t remember when this was taken, but I like the candidness of it … so caught up in their conversation that none of them were aware of the camera.  My dad on the left, then my mum, my maternal gran and my aunt (mum’s younger sister); with her back to the camera is my mum’s youngest sister (the only one still alive), and my uncle (mum’s younger brother)

This was taken in the late 1950s … don’t know whose bike it is

My parents, the tourists – taken in 1957

Shame fruit and veg aren’t still delivered like this …

With each promotion in the railways, my dad’s duties, social and otherwise, increased.  This was in 1960; can’t remember the details but I think he'd made a speech and handed out awards with my mum's help, and had been given a gift … as she was the award/gift-giver, she handed him his – I love their genuinely amused expressions

The next two were taken in 1985 when I’d gone back to Malaysia, like I did every year, for the summer holidays …

Each time I was home, I’d help my mum with chores around the house.  Because it got so hot, I took over the drying of the clothes.  Except my mother was very particular about how the clothes were hung – they had to be done in a certain order.  I’d grumble that surely it didn’t make a difference as they’d all dry anyway; she’d huff at me and start to say to leave it, she’d do it, knowing full well, I’m sure, that I’d give in and do it ‘her’ way!

I don’t have many pictures of just my dad and me, so this is one of my absolute favourites