Favourites on Friday - Hyper Japan 2014

Up in London again yesterday, for our second visit to Hyper Japan, ‘the UK’s biggest J-culture event’.  Enjoyed it so much last year, we’d decided to go again this year, and will probably do so as often as we can.  This time, we also had the company of our lovely friend, Jennifer, and her delightful daughter, who are both also into Japanese culture.

We got to Earl’s Court just before 11, and as doors opened at 12, didn’t have long to wait.  This time we went prepared with plenty of water and our hats … unlike last year when we baked in the sun!  Didn't take long for the queue to build ...

Liam took this at about 11:30; bit difficult to see but the queue stretches to beyond the left of the picture!

Gordon had planned on doing a little cosplay – my Easter bunny morphed into a ninja!  Let him out of my sight and what happens – he got asked to do a promo video, and got a hug from a lovely young lady in a white gown … ninja, babe magnet!  Who knew??

Liam made a couple of friends while queuing for a game demo … but when the queue didn’t move, he embarked on his mission - the serious work of spending his money ;)  With birthday money, and their hard-saved cash, they treated themselves to a few goodies.

I discovered the most delicious union of two of my favourite things - green tea chocolate; my day was made!  I also treated myself to a couple of art books by a modest young lady ... she was so modest, it took me a while to realise she was the artist; her name's Shiitake.  I asked if she would sign the books, which she did, and she also did a couple of speedy little sketches in both!

The only entertainment we all wanted to see was a fabulous group calle Siro-A; heavily influenced by video games, they combine mime, video projection, light animation and laser effects with an electro soundtrack, and are just so much fun to watch.

We had a fantastic time … only to endure the train journey home, from hell.  Signal failures (again!) at Waterloo + lightning strikes = cancelled services, delays and fewer coaches than usual.  Our 19:05 train had FOUR coaches!!  The train was packed worse than the underground, and we were really squished, which the boys found a little hard to deal with as they’d never experienced anything like it before.  But once we got underway, it wasn’t too bad … they even managed to eat!  At least the air-conditioning was on.  Though I only realised this morning that I’d lost my little heart charm off my bracelet :(

Waterloo Station at ...

Despite that, we really enjoyed our day, and looking forward to doing it all again next year ... preferably with better train service ;)

Gorgeous kimonos on display ...

'Obi' - the sash that goes around the kimono

Bonsai ... there were lots more but too many people made it difficult to get a proper shot

"!!" was my initial thought - basically clothes and bags and similar stuff

Queuing for food

This time, I was a little more 'brave' in asking those dressed up if I could take their pictures.  They were more than happy to oblige, and all struck the cutest poses; they looked so adorable in their costumes.  A couple I took from the back basically because I like the look of the dresses, and also it wasn't always easy getting to the cosplayers, having to battle through the tide of people!

Especially love this dress!

'Sailor Moon', the first anime the boys were really into

This is from a very new anime, 'Attack on Titan' - looks epic, and the opening song is amazingly epic!  Or epic-ly amazing!!

Our loot ... first, Gordon's ...


 Figures from one of his favourite anime, 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'

Love the detail ...

... and Liam's ...

Manga ...

... and anime.  I'm personally looking forward to watching the one on the top right, 'Wolf Children' :)

... and mine ...

Green tea chocolate ... prettiest packaging ever for chocolate!

One of the 2 art books ...

Her depiction for October; stunningly sumptuous!

Shiitake's signature and very quick sketch, which she did in the time it took me to get out my wallet and fish out the money!

A very effective hand-held fan, which I had to have as its 'Scorpio' :) Art by Shiitake