Favourites on Friday - Proud Mummy Moment ... lots of them :)

Liam’s been doing really well, helping out at the stables every Friday.  For someone who, like his mother, struggles to get out of bed in the mornings, he’s been good about getting up without a fuss, despite working hard at band practice Thursday evenings.  Even when the weather’s been really foul – cold, wet, windy – he’s never once said he’d rather not go.  And when he’s there, he does whatever job he’s given and performs it to the best of his ability.  If he hasn’t finished his assigned job when I turn up to fetch him home, he carries on till he’s finished, and then asks if there’s anything else they need him to do; he doesn’t just up and leave.

Not having had a riding lesson since before Christmas, he’s, so far, had 2 this month.  After his first lesson, he said it didn’t feel as if he hadn’t ridden for months, it felt that familiar to him.  Up till now, he’s only ridden mares, but for these 2 lessons, he’s ridden a sweet-looking bay gelding called Perry.  Liam said he’s a nice ride, but requires a little coaxing to get him going. 

I wish I’d gone to see Liam during his second lesson, which was on Tuesday – first time ever, he jumped a course!!  Before now, he’s only done one jump before slowing down, turning, and coming back to jump the same one again.  But, on Tuesday, he set off in sitting trot and jumped 3 cross-poles, maintaining the trot between each jump!  Not bad for someone who hasn’t been on a horse for about 6 months :)  And, even though Perry’s a bit of reluctant jumper, Liam said he didn’t find it difficult to get him to tackle the jumps.  I am so proud of my boy!

Bonus for working hard - time to fuss the horses afterwards!  (Apologies for 'darkness' of photos, didn't want to use the flash)