A Happy Birthday, A Beautiful Walk

Yesterday was Liam’s birthday – my baby’s now 17!!  And getting taller than me!  He is growing into a thoughtful, caring young man, and I’m so lucky and blessed to have him in my life.

Oh what a surprise! Lego ...

Instead of going out for a birthday meal, Liam decided to go for a walk instead.  And I’m so glad he did.  He and Gordon took me on a route I’ve never been on, even though it starts just 10 minutes up the road from us.  I always assumed that area was just a golf course; but no, it encompasses an extremely large area, not just for golfers, but for walkers too.  Neil used to take the boys on this route when they were younger – we’ve lived here for just over 19 years, and I had no idea … ah well.

Tree roots ... like the land's network of veins

Looking back up the way we'd just walked

There's even a pond!

Her chicks were hiding 

Moorhen and chicks

There’s so much more to this area that the boys haven’t discovered; as we were walking, they pointed out other possible routes.  We’ve decided that we will venture forth, on ‘free’ days when the weather’s nice, and explore as much as we can.