Favourites on Friday - Lulworth Castle revisited

People are always telling me how organised I am, and no matter how often I deny it, they still insist that I am.  Their proof is that I make a weekly grocery shopping list!  The only reason I do that is because I have such a sieve-brain that I know I will forget something vital if I don’t make a list … I still forget stuff even with the list!!!

Anyway, my proof that I am not at all organised is the amount of stuff that I want to do yet never manage to.  Case in point, scrapbooking.  Not that I’m timing myself but I’ve fallen so far behind on all the scrapbook projects I’d planned.  When I was going through the photos last year, I decided that I wanted something less involved than a full-blown scrapbook album for some of our outings.  And came across something called a 'Smash Book' by K&Co; it’s like an old-fashioned scrapbook but updated, with acid- and lignin-free, decorated papers in a spiral-bound A4-sized book.

Got a couple to see if they’d do the job … pleased to find that they fit the bill.  Here’s the first one, for our visit to Lulworth Castle back in 2009 – see what I mean about falling behind?

The cover is embossed – there are different designs – and I picked out the design by dragging an ink pad over it.  Because all the pages are decorated, some with words, the hardest part was deciding which pages to cover with photos; some I left unused because they were too pretty to cover.  I used a few scrapbooking papers, and embellishments to decorate.  Then stapled ribbons to the sides of the pages as tabs.  There’s even a pocket on the inside back cover to store extra bits.

2 of the 'decorated' pages of the book

Another couple of decorated pages

Part of the book

One of the activities - painting a shield, which Gordon did; he still has the shield.

This photo (part of the book) has an end-of-the-day feel; conveniently near the end of the book

Stapled ribbon tabs

Pocket at end of the book