Favourites on Friday - My Most Favourite ...

Thought I’d post a ‘Favourites on Friday’ today as it’s the last one for 2013.  This one is dedicated to my parents, especially my mum.  I’ve been missing her even more than usual lately; at first I wasn’t sure why but I worked it out last night, and that’s made it a little easier to bear.  Really wish she was here so I could be with her.  Though, even if she was, it’s not as if I would just be able to jump in the car or on a train … I’d have to fork out for a plane ticket and fly halfway around the world!

This is my most favourite piece that my eldest sister has painted, and, believe me, she has painted loads since doing this!  She did this for me when she first realised her talent for porcelain painting; it’s painted on a tile.  Unfortunately she didn’t date it, but it was before I’d left home so must be just over 30 years ago.  With all the various house moves I’ve done since coming here, I’m so glad it’s remained in one piece … and that it survived the journey from Malaysia!

This is my most favourite picture of my parents, taken in Cornwall, back in the 1950s … Malaya (as it was called then) was still under British rule, and my dad worked in the railways; he was chosen to attend a course in the UK.  He came out first, and my mum joined him a while later.

This is my most favourite possession ever, an Australian boulder opal pendant.  (Apparently it's not a blue mosaic opal -- Hatty graciously did all the research for me, and finally worked out that it is, most likely, a boulder opal.  Thank you, my dear :))  It's the last gift I had from both my parents, before my dad passed away in 1999.  I wear it all the time, regardless of what colour outfit I’m wearing (saying that, my wardrobe is predominantly black and blue *heh*)  I love the effect it has on children, especially toddlers – they’re mesmerised by it.  I remember when they were little, both boys loved looking into it and would always play with it – bit difficult as it was always around my neck!  Gordon said it was like the stars had fallen into the pendant.