Favourites on Friday - the Friesian and the Andalusian

At the best of times, my mind is usually filled with horse-related thoughts.  Since we returned from Spain, and not being able to do much thanks to my accident (& being bored out of my skull!!), I’ve been spending even more time thinking about horses.  And it came to me – the first time I saw a Friesian was also the first time I saw an Andalusian!  Not in the flesh (unfortunately) but on the big screen.

It was in 1985, in the film ‘Ladyhawke’, starring Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick.  

Broderick plays a thief, known as Mouse, who escapes the dungeons of Aquila, and in the ensuing manhunt, is rescued by Navarre (Hauer), former captain of the guard in Aquila.  Navarre wants Mouse to help him enter the city so he can kill the Bishop who cursed Navarre and his love, Isabeau (Pfeiffer).

I admit the main reason I saw it was because of Rutger Hauer, but one look at his horse and that was it for me!  The baroque-style Friesian’s name was Othello; in the film he was called Goliath, and I had never seen such a magnificent-looking horse before.  I saw the film three times, just so I could get my fill of the horse on the big screen *lol*

The Andalusian makes his entrance in the final battle scene, which takes place in the church.  Navarre riding Goliath into the church is my favourite scene; the only sound is Goliath trotting noisily along the church floor.

Then the new captain rides in on the Andalusian stallion, to challenge Navarre.  Goliath rears, whinnying a challenge, and the Andalusian rears and answers!  

Oooo, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.  I wonder how difficult it was to film that scene, with 2 stallions and in the confines of a building.

I still love this film – medieval setting; gorgeous horses; wolves; mysterious goings-on … what's not to like??  Even though I know the story by heart, it never fails to move me.  I played my original VHS copy so many times, I wore it out and had to get another one!  So pleased DVDs were invented ;o)

Thought Friesians were my favourite; but now that I’ve experienced Andalusians, I’m torn between the two *sigh*