Favourites on Friday - Book covers

I am fond of my books; there are some whose covers I don't really pay much attention to, and there are others that I adore.  Strangely, none of my 'horse' books make this list because the pictures I really love are on the inside!

This is from a series by Time-Life Books, 'The Old West'.  When I was looking for the complete set some years back, this was the only one I could find on ebay. These days, its not only possible to get the complete set on ebay (bit pricey), its also available in Amazon's marketplace ... tempting ... The cover isn't leather but does feel like it, and I like the embossed design.

To date, this is my favourite Marcus Sedgwick book.  I not only like the cover, I also think the title is brilliant.

One of my all-time favourite reads.  This Penguin edition was published in 1979, and I have yet to come across a better cover for this title.

This is Spenser's 'Faerie Queene', which I readily admit to not having read.  We used to have a fantastic secondhand bookshop in the area, which used to be a church.  It was filled, wall to wall, top to bottom with all manner of books.  I'd spend hours in there, and, over the years, found a few gems.  I bought this in 1987, not only for the beautiful, tactile cover, but also because it was printed in 1859, which makes it the oldest book I own.

Don't think this needs much explanation ... and the stories are great too.

This is an edition by The Nature Company, don't know if they're still in business ... gorgeous pictures and interesting text.