Cat Garden and Horse TV

Anyone looking into our garden these days would think we owned 6 cats instead of 3!! Don't know what it is about the garden, but it certainly is feline-friendly ...

Our cats ...

Kipaku, male

Mlia, female, Kipaku's sister

Tamu, our 'baby'

Other people's cats ...  this one has been a regular visitor for a while now; we think he has a 'thing' for our female tabby even though she mainly ignores him.  We call him 'Cow-bell Cat' as he has the most loud bell on his collar!

The only cat we know who begs ... or maybe he's worshipping his lady love *lol*

These 2 brothers are newbies, quite adventurous and seem to 'shadow' our baby-cat a lot ...

I'm not particularly sporty but it is easy to get caught up with the Olympics and the BBC are spoiling us (in a good way!) with up to 24 dedicated channels, featuring all the sports, so you have to try really hard to miss any of them!  No prizes for guessing my favourite channel -- Equestrian *lol*, which means I get to see all of it!!  And if hubby or boys are hogging the tv, I still get to watch it on the 'puter ... and, with the 'catch-up' facility online, I can watch what I may have missed, or just watch the good bits again!  Bliss!!!

The British Dressage team:

Carl Hester & Uthopia

Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro

Laura Bechtolsheimer & Mistral Hojris