Bye-bye Sonic

She lasted longer than we thought she would, Liam's little girl bunny, more than a month after her brother had gone. She was 'down' for a few days after Wolvie had died but we gave her tons of attention, leaving her hutch doors open so she could come out & join us whenever she wanted to. Her appetite was fine &, apart from her cataracts, she seemed fine in herself. Until a couple of days ago... she lost her appetite but we gave her a special food for poorly bunnies (originally given for Wolvie) which she liked & that seemed to boost her appetite. But last night, she showed no interest in her food, not even the special food & her back legs were quite weak. We were going to take her to the vet this morning... Didn't sleep very well & I think we'd sort of prepared ourselves for the worst. Made sure I was down first & she was already gone, must have died during the night, she felt very cold...

She was Liam's birthday bunny...

No accounting for taste, madame loved to sleep in the litter tray!

She loved having her 'tufty' (the bit of fur between her eyes) scratched & would incline her head as if to present it.

We always joked that Sonic loved her hay so much, she wore it *L*

It was lovely, having these 2 rabbits share our lives. Yes, they had their moments & did drive me up the wall but I wouldn't have been without them. They 'taught' the boys to share their space & be aware of others around them, & Neil was Mr. Dandelion-leaf Man to them -- they got very excited whenever he went near their cage :D

Love you & miss you very much, Wolvie & Sonic boom-boom! xxx