Hi, I’m Joy, an introvert and a writer who didn’t realise how much she enjoyed writing until she was in her 20s. I write Young Adult fantasy, which reflects my love of fairy tales and fantasy. I’ve independently published two novels, and I’m working on a series of fairy tale retellings.

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Current Project

The Sleeping Curse’ is a retelling of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I was hoping to have this ready soon but, having bounced ideas back and forth with my editor, I’ve decided to rewrite huge chunks of it. I think it’s going to be better for it and I’m excited to work through the changes.

(Just so you know, that’s not the book cover.)


Deciding to Live a Joyous Life

I’m also a divorced woman who made the hard, painful decision to end my 26-year marriage to a husband who’d become an alcoholic. Slogging through two years of divorce proceedings, I found comfort in learning how to live, what I like to call, a JOYOUS LIFE, and part of that has been rediscovering my confidence and self-worth. I’ve decided to blog about my experience and if that helps just one person get through a similar situation, it’ll be worth it.