Animated Book Covers

I just have to share the amazing work of Morgan Wright, whom I follow on Twitter.

She’s recently started a wonderful service where she animates author’s book covers. For a ridiculously affordable price!

Her explanation for her low prices – “it enables any author at any budget to get their book cover animated and helps a ton with marketing for an inexpensive price… that’s sort of my goal, that no author ends up excluded because they can’t afford it or because it’s an added cost they can’t add right now.

That makes her a star in my book. She’s so easy to work with and will keep tweaking the cover until her customer is happy with the end product. I can think of a few companies/people who could learn a few things from Morgan.

For now, these covers can only be viewed on Twitter and Morgan’s YouTube channel where you can check out the other covers she’s done and, maybe, discover a book or author you might enjoy. Hopefully, one day, Amazon and other outlets will allow animation on their sales pages.

Here are the 2 covers Morgan has animated for me – my latest, ‘The Raven and Other Tales’, and my third book, ‘The Spellbound Spindle’.

Do you think they’re more eye-catching than static images? I’d love to know your thoughts.