Falling and Rising Again

This week has been a bit ‘hard work’, trying to juggle various things, as we all do. It got me down, though, and left me feeling mentally worn out. By this morning, I decided, enough wallowing; time to move along.

Steps at Chepstow Castle

Steps at Chepstow Castle

It got me thinking… We all fall at various times in our lives when we’re overcome with fear and doubt. We question every move we make, distrust our own ability to make decisions, constantly believe we’re ‘not enough’.

My default mode wasn’t so much falling; it was the inability to get myself back up again. I would stay ‘fallen’ for ages, almost paralysed by the fear and doubt.

It took me 2 years to learn to get up, and it wasn’t easy; breaking and re-forming a habit is a hard slog. What I’ve finally realised, only recently, is that the falling down is not what matters, it’s the getting up again.

Because life being what it is, we’ll still fall. It doesn’t matter who you are in the world, there will still be times when fear and doubt will come knocking. So you let them in and have a ‘bad’ moment. So what? Are you going to let that define you? Or are you going to take it in your stride, accept that everyone makes mistakes – after all, making mistakes is the best way to learn – and move forward?

This popped up as a suggestion for me on Youtube, and I thought, perfect! I love synchronicity.
Have a super weekend!