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Young Lamorna must face her fears to protect her infant brother from priests of the new religion.  Having no choice but to leave the safety of her home, she discovers, not only her courage, but also wolves, moon magic and an ancient goddess.

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5 star review:

"Enchanting and inspiring - An exceptionally strong, solid and well written story... The imagery and characters and their descriptions are enchanting, while grounded in lore, and will captivate, in particular but not limited to, a younger reader. The story features guardian wolves - whose expressions are wonderful - and a cast of strong wise women who impart their strength and wisdom on Lamorna as she flees with an infant through a dangerous landscape, pursed by a cruel enemy. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in fantasy and for young men and women who, I am confident, can take many lessons from it."

Available on Amazon US and UK (Kindle and paperback); digital versions are also available on NookKobo and iTunes.

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