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In a world where magic is believed to no longer exist, Leah secretly wishes she was different, that she was someone other than the king's daughter. Her wish is unexpectedly granted when the Demon Lord gifts her with magic to be his instrument of revenge against his half-mortal son. With the lives of her beloved family under threat, Leah has no choice but to do the demon's bidding. Aware of his dark taint on her, aware of the fear of her people, Leah fights to remain true to herself.

The story behind my first story…
I knew I wanted to write a fantasy – my favourite genre – and I knew I wanted it to have elements of Hindu mythology, namely the ways in which deities are invoked, and that even gods have limits placed on them. I added in other favourites (like westerns) and basically wrote what I wanted to read – a stand-alone story. Although I loved reading trilogies (and more), it was getting so that I just wanted to read something that didn’t require never-ending commitment and never-ending shelf space.
I started this over 20 years ago, and it’s been rewritten so many times that I lost count of the number of drafts I eventually ended up with. As I rewrote it, I started reading all I could get my hands on about the craft of writing. Back then, there was not a lot on the internet, and I ended up buying a staggering number of books on writing. I sent the manuscript out to agents, amassed the inevitable rejections, rewrote it some more, sent it out again…
Long story short, I self-published it back in 2006 for the wrong reason – I wanted to show my beloved mum something I’d done before she passed. Although I initially regretted self-publishing it, in time, I realised it was actually a good thing as it made me determined to make my writing the best I can possibly make it.

I’d love to know what you think of ‘The Cursed Gift’; drop me a line when you’ve read it and share your thoughts. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, I’d really appreciate it if you could leave an honest review on Amazon or one of the other stores – thanks.

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